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What are the most comforting words ever spoken?

Image credit: Alexandra Gorn / unsplash.com

Dragan Otasevic
Dragan Otasevic Oct 30, 2020
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What is the most comforting thing you could say to someone who is feeling anxiety, despair?

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You are not the anxiety, the feeling is just passing by and will go away again

Nivari Van der Voorde
Nivari Van der Voorde Nov 09, 2020
Often, we tend to identify with what we are feeling although we are not our feelings. When we are able to see the feelings as something passing by, we can create space and prevent anxiety for the anxiety. We don’t have to be scared for the feelings that are not us, as we know they will go away eventually. In Buddhism it is taught to observe your emotions without judging them. By practicing this, we can de-identify from the emotion and get out of the so-called wheel of suffering.
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I am here to listen without judgement

Subash Chapagain
Subash Chapagain Oct 30, 2020
When you are depressed and anxious, the last thing you would want to hear is a long lecture on mental health and the 'positive thinking' cliched advice. There is a funny saying I found somewhere on the internet - "Never in the history of being anxious has one been less anxious by being told to be less anxious." This in itself speaks the truth of the situation.

Hence, rather than saying anything to the person who is in despair, the alternately wise thing would be to encourage them to speak up about their feelings and make them comfortable with the fact that you are all ears. When you are depressed, you cannot easily trust people. Depression de facto makes you unwilling to share whatever you are going through for the fear of being judged, thought lowly or being ridiculed. To break this barrier, if we genuinely want to help someone in despair, we have to create an environment such that the person in question finds it naturally comfortable to open up about his/her feelings, insecurities and vulnerabilities. Only by making them express what they are exactly going through, we can start to think of ways to help them.
Even if this seems a difficult task, once we make them open up, then we can get cues to what can be the things that we can then say/convey to them to make them feel better. On the other hand, it is necessarily not needed to be verbally expressed as well. Sometimes, even symbolic gestures could mean a lot. For example if someone is in despair because they just lost someone they loved, we may just give them a silent company and make some good hot beverage for them. We can lend them our shoulders to cry, so to speak. There might not be a magic word or a sentence that heals, but there can be a combination of gestures and behaviours that we can use to help whoever in our surrounding is anxious/depressed.
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I am with you

Deru Xu
Deru Xu Oct 31, 2020
If you are dealing with people who are in deep emotional pain, you have to put yourself in and express that you are on the same front with the other person, and the other person is not alone. You can say: "I am with you." . At this time their emotions have disturbed their thoughts. What makes you different from them is that you are sober and you need to guide them to control their negative emotions through appropriate methods.
By the way, scientists’ thinking is more rational, and the reason that bothers them may be that there is a problem with the data. Don’t give up easily and think about how to solve the problem.
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Fears are not facts

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Oct 30, 2020
I got this from twitter. Saying "Fears are not facts." might be a valid way to comfort a scientist with a sense of humor
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