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A global auction where the winner gets to deliver a 1-minute video message to the world

Image credit: Keith Abraham

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Nov 15, 2021
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An auction where the highest bidder gets to deliver a 1-minute video message to the world. The campaign is run by several celebs that are responsible for delivering the winner's message.
  • The campaign's money contributes to solving a problem that the world needs solving.
  • Fun and curiosity. What will the most expensive message in history be? If someone paid for it that much, it should at least be interesting. People would look forward to hearing it.
  • Maybe the message ends up solving something for someone.
  • Vanity or marketing. The involved celebs get some spotlight. The auction winner gets some spotlight.
How it works
  1. Several celebrities get together to create hype around an auction that lets the winner deliver a one-minute video message to the world.
  2. They link the campaign to a good cause by donating most or all of the money towards something the world needs.
  3. At a specific date, an online auction is held.
  4. A big enough pre-authorization charge is made on people's credit cards to prevent time-wasting fake bids. The highest bidder has a few days to transfer the bitcoin to the campaign's wallet (see what I did there?:). I guess a bank wire is also ok.
  5. The winner gets professional help in making the 1-minute video.
  6. The celebs and all the interested media bombard the world with the video message for a week.
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Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Nov 15, 2021
I like the idea. If the message is going to be bombarded to the whole world for a week, it needs to be something proportionately amazing. Though most quotes that are worth remembering come from celebs (increasing the probability that the message will be equally memorable), I think some moderation should be in place. If the message is not that significant, may be, the opportunity goes to the next highest bidder? I am not sure about this. Will it be humiliating for the bidders and discourage them? On the other hand, discouraging one bidder with a low-quality message is better than discouraging the entire world by making them hear it. I initially thought that the bidding results could be kept a secret. If the message by the winner is not great, the next bidder is contacted and asked to submit the video without disclosing the name of the first winner. However, the bidding cannot be kept a secret to maintain transparency of the whole process and avoid the problems that will surface otherwise.
The moderation will also edit the message, while preserving the meaning to make it sound more powerful and impactful, and simultaneously eliminate any phrases/words that may sound discriminating/ unnecessarily vulgar.
Moderation will also avoid dangerous surprises - the broadcasted "miss me" message by Moriarty from the Sherlock series comes to mind.
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