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Comedy video chat where you pay a few cents if the other person makes you laugh

Image credit: Wilbur Soot

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Dec 11, 2021
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1 on 1 standup comedy video chat where you pay a few cents if the other person makes you laugh. People are given 2 minutes to make you laugh before the system puts you in front of another comedian.
  • Training ground for standup comedians (instant feedback to see if your joke works)
  • Instant mood improvement for the viewer
  • Way to make some money for amateur comedians
How it works
A platform (web + app) that connects random comedians with random viewers in a 1 on 1 video chat for a limited time.
The viewer pays a few cents if the comedian makes them laugh.
Anyone gets to switch roles between being a viewer or a comedian whenever they feel like it.
The viewer has a few buttons:
  • I laughed (pay up); if clicked, the comedian gets paid a few cents and a +1 point is logged for their success rate. A +1 point is logged for the viewer, for being honest.
  • next; if clicked, no points are logged. The system puts both the comedian and the viewer in a new video chat with other people
  • dislike; a negative point is logged for the comedian. Both, the comedian and the viewer are put in a new video chat with other people
  • extend; the timeout is extended by another 2 minutes
  • report; in case the comedian breaks terms of service (spam, scam, verbal abuse, any thing other than comedy)
The comedian has a few buttons:
  • the viewer laughed but didn't pay up; when this button is clicked, moderators manually review the video. If the viewer is found to have laughed but didn't confirm it, they are sent a warning not to do this. Everyone gets 2 warnings before they are blocked from using the platform for a week.
  • report; in case the viewer breaks terms of service (spam, scam, verbal abuse, any thing other than comedy)
  • next; the comedian also gets to pass to the next chat without any consequences.
There is an AI system that examines everyone's voting habits. A viewer who is found to dislike comedians significantly more than others is seen as harmful for the platform and their votes no longer affect other people's ratings. Such a viewer is sent automated polls, reminders, popups, questions, etc.. to make their experience less enjoyable.
A comedian who is found to bore other people is shown more often to viewers with a negative attitude.

Just as I was wrapping up and looking for a header image for this idea, I found this video:

It pretty much demonstrates the concept, minus the dedicated platform and micropayments.
The above idea is still useful because:
  • on the platform comedians would be prepared and have proven-to-work material ready for the viewers (which is not the case in the video)
  • the guy in the video is trying not to laugh because he's going for a streak of poker face and trying to up the total amount with every new person. In the proposed platform, it wold be OK to laugh - it would cost you only a few cents to confirm something was funny. In the video the guy verbally confirms someone was funny but holds back the laughter
  • the Omegle platform is meant for general purpose chat with random people. The idea above proposes a dedicated platform for quick laughs between strangers.
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General comments

Spook Louw
Spook Louw3 years ago
I think a lot of streaming services basically work on this model already, even if it may be less formal. For instance, on Facebook, people donate towards streamers as they please. You are able to watch an entire stream without donating, even if you enjoy it, but streamers rely on people choosing to support them on the basis of the quality of the content that they provide.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
The proposed idea achieves much more than just income to streamers.
People would iterate their jokes to be amazingly fast and funny. The comedian would go through different people fast, improving their material along the way based on trial and error.
The viewer would have an amazing experience. Almost every comedian they run into would kill them with jokes. I imagine the viewer would get a momentum of laughter going and sustain it with different comedians on the other side.
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