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A platform where persuasion/negotiation experts handle your phone calls while you whisper information into their ear

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Mar 24, 2022
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A platform where you hire persuasion/negotiation experts to make phone calls for you. Through them, you are more likely to achieve something you couldn't have on your own.
  • You might not be comfortable talking over the phone but occasionally need to reach out to make things happen.
  • You might not be persuasive over the phone.
  • You might not have time to make the calls and maintain a relationship.
How it works
On the platform, you post a description of what you are trying to achieve and what type of person is expected on the other side (if known). You include as many details as you feel comfortable sharing. The more details you include the more realistic the bids will be.
Experts then bid for the task and quote their price within the bid. This part works similarly to any freelancer platform. You see past reviews for each expert, etc.
Upon selecting an expert you get to privately communicate with them. You provide all the details they might need. They ask questions to better prepare for the call.
The call
The expert negotiator uses two phones simultaneously. One has you on the line. Your voice goes into their earphone. The other phone is used to call whomever they are tasked with calling for you. You hear the entire conversation. More importantly, the negotiator can hear you via the earphone while the other party cannot. You feed them additional information on the spot, if needed.
Alternatively, the expert can have you on video chat where your voice goes into their earphone, so that the other party can't hear you. This is useful because you can gesture instructions to the expert.
Simple calls
Simple calls don't require you to be present. You get an audio recording when the call is complete. Simple calls don't even require communication between you and the expert before the call. You can provide everything in text form and the expert will take it from there.
Urgent calls
Urgent calls are paid a little extra for the urgency. They can generally be placed instantly, within minutes. Experts who bid for urgent calls are ready to do them right then and there.
Longer term representation
A negotiator can be hired to maintain a phone relationship on your behalf. This is useful when the other party is comfortable dealing with the negotiator. The negotiator becomes your outsourced employee of sorts.
Payment structure
The negotiation experts charge a fixed fee per phone call. You can offer bonus incentives for if the goal is achieved. If they feel comfortable, they can offer to halve the fee if the goal is not achieved.
What do you think? How could the service be improved or simplified?
Creative contributions

A vice-versa case

Povilas S
Povilas S Mar 27, 2022
Wouldn't it be better if you were speaking and the expert would tell you what to say to make stronger arguments? I mean most phone calls would require you to speak personally, then people to whom you are speaking would trust it as a real deal and not just a case of a representative.
For business people, it's quite usual to have a secretary or other representative to deal with their issues through the phone, but what about ordinary people who need to get a job or solve a debt problem, etc.? Those would be the ones who need the confidence and rational clear-headed argumentation the most, so I think turning this around and speaking yourself while having an expert advise you in real-time would be the best option.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
If the roles were reversed, the bandwidth (processing thoughts through 2 brains) might be too low for a meaningful conversation. If the person was comfortable doing this, they might as well handle the call completely by themselves after consulting with a professional on the subject matter.
Also, the unknown person on the other side of the phone conversation wouldn't be able to tell the difference of who they are talking to anyway. Whatever data they need to verify the authenticity of the caller is whispered into the negotiator's ear by the person who has/owns the data.
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Povilas S
Povilas S2 years ago
Darko Savic I thought the person wouldn't be unknown. Important conversations often happen with people who are familiar with you to a greater or lesser extent. Also, if the hired expert would directly pretend to be you, this is not exactly legal, not to mention moral.
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General comments

Goran Radanovic
Goran Radanovic2 years ago
I can see this succeeding. I like that the client can directly feed the negotiator information, potentially exposing the other person's lies. It's fact-checking in real-time.
When you're negotiating with someone, in most cases, you later say to yourself you should've said this and that to make a stronger case. It's difficult to concentrate on key points when you're negotiating. But it's a different story when you're listening to negotiation and not worrying about what to say. That makes it easier for you to spot loopholes and take advantage of certain aspects because you have time to absorb information and plan what to say.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
Goran Radanovic your comment gave me this idea đź‘Ť
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