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A safe area for first dates, secured by strategic placement and security services

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Mar 11, 2022
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A safe area for first dates between strangers. It feels private, but at the first sign of trouble, the area is swarmed with police from the nearby station.
  • Keep people safe on first dates between strangers.
  • Meet people knowing that society has your back.
  • A go-to place for teens when they start dating.
How it works
A safe area where people can go on a first (blind?) date with a stranger.
  1. The meeting area is in front of a police station with large one-way windows.
  2. There is nowhere to park a car in the area so you have to get there by foot or taxi/friend/uber.
  3. The meeting area continues into a nice fenced park. The park is under surveillance. Live feed from the cameras is displayed on a video wall in the above-mentioned police station.
  4. On the other side of the park there are several bars and restaurants. They participate in the first date chaperone program and also have the rape detterence video system in place.
  5. Another side of the park opens into a nightlife area where chaperone commandos maintain their presence at all times.
  6. The entire area is also under audio surveillance. If someone yells "help", an alarm buzzer goes off in the police station and one of the cameras zooms in on the location. The sound origin location is calculated based on triangulation from multiple microphones. If necessary policement and/or chaperone commandos run out to help.
Two strangers can meet in front of a glass police station. They take a walk and chat in a video surveilled park. They have a dinner and few drinks in chaperoned or/and rape-drug safe bar. At the end of the date, they walk back to the police station where they say goodbye before one of them leaves in a taxi.
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