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A shared digital wallet that splits any input money equally between a group of people

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Povilas S
Povilas S Nov 09, 2021
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Imagine you have a shared finances account with whatever people you trust and don't pitty to give to. But the account is not just holding common savings pooled by a few people into one place, whatever the sum is placed into that account is automatically split into equal parts to all of its participants.
So the account is common, but at the same time divided into individual accounts. If there are five people and someone puts 10 euros into that shared wallet, everyone now has 2 euros each. You can withdraw the money from your individual account whenever you want and anyone can put whatever the sum they feel like into the common account whenever they want.
What's the point: This is a very simple model to approach testing radical division of finances and how human psychology would operate in those circumstances. If all the money in the world would be equally divided among all the people, would humanity turn out better or worse?
It is also a soft way to examine the latter because all the input money from the participants would come in the form of "donations". Whenever you felt like you have some excess money you can share, you could put it into that common account. Instead of donating to a single individual, institution, etc., you would donate to the circle of common people (including yourself).
So the main idea is for a person to give to the community whatever and whenever they feel they can/want and take what they get as a result whenever they need. Each person would then see what's the outcome of such an experiment - do they gain or lose when they're in this or maybe it doesn't make any difference.
Gaining doesn't necessarily mean gaining finances, giving, sharing also feels good, so if you don't feel like you lost something but someone feels they gained and appreciates your input, you'd also feel good, you improved the wellbeing of the group and that's the gaining. And if someone feels they've benefited from this they'll get encouraged to give more themselves.
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Doing this on a global scale

Povilas S
Povilas S Nov 10, 2021
Potentially everyone in the world could be connected to such a network. All it would take is to log in with your government ID to prevent fraud. Children could be registered by their parents using the personal number of a child or the details of their birth certificate.
Internet is becoming available in more and more places, including developing countries, Starlink project is promising in making the internet globally available. A more sophisticated software could be developed that would take into account a person's economical status and direct the donated input money accordingly to those who are the most in need of it.
In Lithuania, it's popular to donate 2% of your government taxes to charitable institutions or in support of some social initiatives. A similar amount from all the people living in the developed countries could be sent to the digital sharing network and divided amongst those in the poorest developing countries/regions. 2% from millions of people making a decent income could make a difference to those who don't have what to eat or lack other basic amenities.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
I think this can be done with a smart contract on the Ethereum network and others as well.
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