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An app add-on to help you increase socialization outside your career

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Contrived _voice Feb 19, 2022
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An app you install that acts as an add-on to all your social media accounts notifying your friends when you are ready and willing to socialize with people. Kind of like an open invitation for invitations.
In a study done in 2006 ,it showed a decline in the number of friends who visited each other at home in the past 30 years. Another study showed that during the same period, feelings of melancholy and perceived isolation also showed a gradual rise. With the global pandemic , spending time with friends has also become increasingly harder. Factor in the long working hours, the expected company over-time and not to mention the mental exhaustion that comes after, It's almost impossible to find time to hang out with anyone. That's even assuming anyone else is free around the same time as you. It's so difficult to find time to spend time with people you like when you don't have an actual cause for interaction in your daily lives.
  • If people physically hang out with their neighbors and kept in touch with their old friends maybe they wouldn't feel as lonely as they do.
  • It could be easier to invite people to hang out with you if you knew they wanted to hang out too
  • Studies show that even introverted people enjoy company when they have the energy for it.
  • It is proven that positive social interaction is good for both your physical and mental health.
How it works
Discord chatrooms have this feature, where you say whether you're active for conversation or not. It's pretty great being able to say when you want to talk and when you don't. What if you did the same with hanging out. Imagine an Icon on all your social media profiles that shows when you want to hang out with someone. Now all you have to do is reach out to someone else who wants to hang out at the same time as you and boom socialization! Now you can invite people over confidently knowing you're not intruding and they can come over too without that worry.




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