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An App/Service that Helps People Fulfill their Dreams of Traveling the World

Image credit: Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash

Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi Nov 24, 2021
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I've always wanted to see the world. I was an avid reader as a kid. And in my books, I learned about the Maharajas of India, the pyramids of Egypt, Shaka Zulu of South Africa, and the animals of Australia. I learned about the hot sands of the Arabian desert and the chivalry of European knights, and many more. At some point, I developed a yearning to visit these places.
I thought it would be fun to experience the cultures for myself. To sample their cuisines, relate with and learn about their peoples, and view their tourist attractions.
Apart from this obvious benefit, go
However, seeing the world is much easier than it sounds. In my case, a major problem that keeps cropping up is "How will I support myself in these countries?"
And that got me thinking: What if there was a company with this purpose? Sort of an Airbnb, but instead of helping people find accommodation, it can set global nomads up with occupation, accommodation, and tasks to accomplish, with the goal of helping get an enriching and valuable experience.
The Idea
Basically, I imagine corporation/startup with a global reach. If you desire to see the world and expand your horizons, you simply need to get in touch with them. With their help, you can initiate the process.
To ensure things proceed smoothly at all times, they can provide packages where you go through certain countries for certain periods.
For example, package A secures placement in East/West Africa, Middle East, and South America. Package B places you in Eastern Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, and South America.
Meanwhile, the startup will have connections with different businesses in different countries. That way, would be travellers can be assured of a job that'll pay enough for feeding and accommodation. If possible, the organization can set up a series of homes, too. Affordable but comfortable. And they can pair the travellers with local volunteer who can serve as guides: visit fun locations with them, introduce them to the cuisine, and help them understand the culture and customs of their location.
Why packages?
To ensure there's a steady stream of hands always ready to take on jobs at the businesses the organization is affiliated with. If people could choose to hop over countries in any manner, the organization might be inconsistent in how they find jobs for people.
However, if trips proceed in a particular manner, it will lead to a structure which will increase efficiency. Also, it will ensure there is a steady stream of hands flowing through the pipeline at all times. That way, the businesses the organizations partner with can reserve certain jobs for the nomads and trust the positions will always be filled.
With this idea, more and more people can fulfill their dreams of seeing the world and experiencing new places. All they will need to start is the funds to leave their home countries since they can be assured of jobs in the countries they visit that will pay enough for feeding and accommodation, and other basic needs.
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General comments

Povilas S
Povilas S3 years ago
This idea fits as a solution to this session.
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Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi3 years ago
Povilas S I just read that session and I absolutely agree. Thanks for pointing me to it. And for validating it.
Please leave the feedback on this idea