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Artifying the ideas to raise the popularity of the platform amongst non-ideators

Image credit: Mika Baumeister (Unsplash.com)

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Aug 11, 2022
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Take a series of small changes to the platform in order to artify the ideas and make the part of the public who aren't ideators or serial ideators flock to it and engage. Raising the platform's overall popularity and by proxy having more ideators and sponsors hear about it.
The key idea here is that most popular platform websites have two sections of users: the creators and then the viewers, who still participate to a lesser degree.
  • Promote the platform by having additional functions that would enable non-ideators to feel like they are contributing and are valued.
  • Add prestige to ideas and ideators (they are performers)
  • Raise engagement on pages.
  • Increase feel-good chemicals release in ideators with an attempt to introduce an audience section (dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, oxytocin).
  • Lower the participation curve.
How it works:
The initial spark for ideas was the that I noticed how on IMDB even overall unknown movies have 500 reviews or so. And those reviews induce a bit of effort after all, and most people are posting anonymous, and yet they still do it.
As of now, the guidelines are to comment on Brainstorming.com when you're adding value to the idea and people are concious about it. Which should remain the case because of clutter and spam. But I argue we should add a third comments section, or "note section" where people can post their non-innovative thoughts on the idea. Whether it be stories that prove the need for an idea, the review of it (likes/dislikes), or just jokes.
The majority of Reddit and YouTube comments are people making jokes to the posts. And these are powerhouse platforms.
How else to artify:
  • Encouraging reviews? Maybe by having more than a like or dislike. Like giving a ten or five star rating. With 3.5 and 4.5 as options then.
  • An AI making the image of the proposed idea as we proposed is another way.
  • Maybe by immediately NFT.ying the idea. The platform and the creator split the profits on the idea's NFT being sold. I know nothing about this though.
Having merchandise for each idea? Especially if the AI image producing comes to life. What else? What are some other ways to artify ideas and the platform?
Creative contributions

Implementation of Biorender-like tool for easy picture/scheme creation

jnikola Aug 23, 2022
If you are not from a biological background, you probably won't know about the Biorender tool. It's an online tool that allows you to create great graphical abstracts, schemes or other pictures from scratch or by using predesigned templates, icons, etc. It's really good and modifiable. A tool like this, implemented to be used directly on the page, could be a great addition to an idea or challenge creation. Users could create their own header images in their own styles. The tool could even propose certain icons that match the idea/challenge keywords.
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General comments

jnikola2 years ago
I like the idea. I also agree with Shubhankar Kulkarni about the decrease in content quality.
However, this idea considers an important characteristic of the users that come to the platform. A huge per cent of people that Google "brainstorming", "innovative ideas", etc. are the ones interested in reading, commenting or contributing to the platform. But not all of them are ready to deliver a solid contribution or a comment. For some, it will take time to brush their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. For that reason, jokes and other types of "unimportant" comments could help keep people longer on the platform, where they read and brush their skills and eventually turn into great brainstormers and contributors.
I train kids in karate and I can assure you that not all kids are talented, but we like to have them all in the gym. Some of the clumsiest turned into European champions, while those talented never born any fruit. That's why artification and being open to everybody that "landed" on the platform is important. Do you agree?
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Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković2 years ago
J. Nikola The last part of the second paragraph is key. People like to dip their toes into water when encountering new situations, online or not. They rarely barge in. Having casual visitors be turned into brainstormers is the motivation behind this creative contribution I had, for the advice quotes pop-ups on the site to improve creativity. Training brainstormers.
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Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković2 years ago
J. Nikola Looking back at my first posts on the platform, I definitely didn't "get it" right away. I would post several ideas within one creative contribution. Even though I was screened before getting to write on the site. I did this most likely because I was too "shy" to cause several notifications on people's feeds. Or to feel like I'm bombarding the site as a newbie. It took me some time to fully understand how the site works and that's with being on Slack. So I'm feeling better about this idea for a "note section".
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Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni2 years ago
What you suggest (a notes section) will definitely increase the popularity and activity on the platform but might dilute the quality. Moreover, users get confused as to where they can post their content. Some might post jokes/ memes in a serious discussion, discouraging other serious creators to post their thoughts. What we need to decide is whether we would allow dilution in the quality for popularity. I think Darko Savic once said that a hundred regular serious users are sufficient for the platform's sustainability, correct me if I am wrong.
The other ideas that you suggested under "How else to artify" sound good and worth a shot.
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Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković2 years ago
Shubhankar Kulkarni Moderation would solve this. But we could make it so that there is a cut-off. Not everyone can post on the current section right away. While the exclusivity might be another part of artifying the platform and the ideators.
A good design can solve the issue of confusing people. Label it "Reactions" for instance.
And this approach would likely be way cheaper than using some convoluted marketing method to draw in users.
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