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Brainstorming raid party

Image credit: Image by MasterTux on Pixabay

mschiav3 May 31, 2022
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I have encountered some interesting challenges online and I have come up with the following idea (may be it was thought before):
Forming a "brainstorming raid party", in which the "raid party leader (Or other colaborative way to organize it)" bring the challenges from those companies, submit on the Brainstorming.com webpage as a challenge and start collecting the ideas. The Ideas can be submitted individually on the company webpage, however, every one that gives an idea that will be submitted end up taking part on the raid, having a share on all the ideas submitted. If any idea is selected, or multiple ideas are selected, the whole team "raid party" gets an equal participation on the bounty or end up becoming one of the founders of the project.
The main concerns would be how to protect the raid party idea discussion as it may be open for collaboration (may be a set of 5 ideators selected by the raid leader and 5 ideators included randomly in a private idea discussion session).
The second trouble will be how to enforce the party cooperation on the exhisting company challenge systems (how to avoid ideators to steal each others ideas and how to garantee that every one gets the fare share by participating on the raid party).
This idea comes to me to solve the problem on how to make ideators get an income or a prize from ideas, considering what is already available (out of brainstorming.com), like company innovation challenges. How to connect fastly the brainstorming.com to the companies searching for inovative solutions
Maybe creating a pool of all exhisting challenges around the internet is a way to increase/create income for ideators.
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Use professionally guided psychedelic trips for brainstorming

Subash Chapagain
Subash Chapagain Jun 02, 2022
We have heard many anecdotal pieces of evidence that many great philosophers, thinkers and ideators used psychedelic drugs; or came up with some of the greatest ideas when under the influence of psychedelics. Take for instance the case of Kary Mullis, the inventor of the Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), one of the most iconic inventions of modern biology. He had often admitted that if it was not for his LSD trips, he might never have come up with the idea . There are other many examples, ranging from Steve Jobs to Michael Pollan. Hence, such a brainstorming raid party can be organised in a very systematic and coordinated manner where few professionals will guide the ideators through psychedelic trips and probe them to think about the ideas/challenges. For legal reasons, such raid parties should be organised only in the countries where it is legal for psychedelic consumption. Also, the raid party organisers must conduct a thorough background check for health and safety of the participating ideators.


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