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Come up with funny and self-embarrassing challenges to do in public

Image credit: Michael @ Flickr

HOFMC Dec 26, 2023
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Come up with original challenges that one can do in public and put themselves into self-embarrassing situations or be overall funny for everyone involved.
  • Doing self-embarrassing challenges can be a good workout to get over one's preoccupation with what others think of them
  • Psychological workout for salespeople or anyone who needs to approach and talk to strangers
  • A game to be played between friends, each taking turns doing such challenges
  • Someone could make videos doing these challenges and post them online for everyone to enjoy
A few examples on video:

Creative contributions

Ask for friendship

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jan 01, 2024
Here's a simple warmup. Go out on the streets and tell random men that you're socially awkward and because of it have no friends. "Would you be my friend?" Then say nothing after that, even if they say yes. Leave the conversation hanging and just stand there smiling and looking at them.
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AI-generated recommendations

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jan 01, 2024
This is what ChatGPT4 came up with:
  1. The Compliment Challenge: Approach a stranger and give them a genuine compliment. It could be about their outfit, their smile, or anything else you notice.
  2. The Dance-Off: Start dancing in a public place. The goal is not to be a great dancer but to enjoy the moment and make people smile.
  3. The Singing Challenge: Sing a song out loud in a public place. You could even ask bystanders to join in for a chorus!
  4. The Lost Tourist: Pretend to be a lost tourist and ask for directions to a well-known local landmark.
  5. The Superhero Pose: Strike a superhero pose in the middle of a crowded place and hold it for 60 seconds.
  6. The Invisible Friend: Have a loud conversation with an imaginary friend while in a public place.
  7. The Random Applause: Start clapping and cheering in a public place and see if anyone joins you.
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