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Expert assistance clubs

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Sep 03, 2021
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Local clubs where every member is an expert at something. When someone needs assistance, the matching expert drops everything they were doing and comes to help. It's like having an extended family of big brothers/sisters.

Each club would consist of people with diverse expertise. Plumbers, lawyers, welders, doctors, mechanics, etc. In the event that one expert is overwhelmed with requests, the club would enlist additional experts from that field.


Whatever happens, you always know someone to fix it at a moment's notice.

How it works

  • Every applicant is voted in by the majority of other members.
  • Upon application, the applicant defines their expertise and hourly rate. The rate is approved or rejected along with the membership. Thereafter, the expert charges the agreed upon hourly rate for any assistance provided to other members.
  • If anyone needs to change their hourly rate, it has to be approved by a vote from the majority.
  • Every member pays a yearly membership. The money goes for meet-up parties and any administrative costs (software).
  • The size of the clubs would be kept small - as big as necessary to cover everything that people in the club need.
  • Rules that are mutually agreed upon.

Quarterly meet-ups, parties, barbecue

All the club members should get together a few times per year to socialize.

The app

People would need a reliable means of communication. In addition to there being a register of everyone's phone number and a newsletter, there would ideally be an app where people can leave each other messages, ask for advice, vote on common matters, etc. For small clubs, a group chat app could work. Even existing social media platforms could work if all members are active there.


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General comments

Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello3 years ago
I think the club can be modified to accommodate people who are not specialists and people whose area of specialization does not let them render services for free. If that were the case, the club will be more like a Linkedin platform that is more tightly knit by geolocation and social bonds.
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Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni3 years ago
Great! There is something similar to this in my city. The workers are not part of a community but they do have a place to gather. If you want any odd job done, you go to the place and hire those who are skilled at that task. Workers who do not have a fixed job gather at such places every morning and employers reach out to them. In this case, they are paid. Your idea is better since it does not involve money. That is feasible since all the members (subject-matter experts) are from the same community.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
Sounds like your city has a physical find-a-freelancer solution
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Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello3 years ago
Shubhankar Kulkarni I think the money is going to be important in making such a community work since they are experts so your idea might be better in that sense. The idea of it existing as a club will encourage lower charges and more relaxed working policies too.
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