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Incentivize face-to-face meetings on social media to reduce the on-screen time

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jnikola May 24, 2022
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Tools that incentivize social media users to hang out face-to-face from time to time.
Tech addiction is becoming a real problem that has been tackled numerous times on this platform:
  • Can we come up with a way to protect children from tech addiction?
  • How can we protect the kids from tech addiction if they need it to fit in with their peers?
  • A miniature stickman that tries to unhook you from social media addiction
  • Instagram addiction deterrent app
  • Accessible ways to combat social media addiction?
  • A Controlled Social Media Platform/Feature to Limit Use and Prevent Addiction
  • Phone unlock function that keeps you aware of screen addiction
  • A service providing themed "no digital technology" retreats
  • A phone feature that displays social media posts in low resolution to make the apps less addictive
  • Signs "prohibiting" phone use in places convenient for social interactions
  • Whenever you check social media, an app charges you money that gets locked in a Bitcoin wallet for 10 years
All of these sessions/ideas tackled certain aspect of tech addiction. What they all have in common is that they tend to reduce the time spent using technology. However, what if that's not possible? How can we tackle the problem by not actively reducing the time spent using the tech?
How would it work?
Since most of the users use technology either to access information or to maintain relationships and create new ones, I would incentivize face-to-face meetings by fun features on social media messaging.
Hangout streaks
The first thing that crosses my mind is the days-in-a-streak feature that enables you and your chat pal to "collect" the streak of days you spent together hanging out. Every time you hang out face-to-face, you touch your phones and it adds a day to your face-to-face hangout counter. It would work similar to the Snapstreaks, a feature where you need to message your pal at least once every 24h to maintain the streak. The hangout streak could be maintained by every day or a once-a-week contact, based on your settings. That way users would gamify their face-to-face relationships, while spontaneously reducing the on screen time.
Hangout suggestions
Since most of the social networks already use your location to give you some suggestions, I would create a tool that recognizes your friends passing or being near you and suggest a face-to-face meeting. That way, instead of sending a message, you could go and grab a coffee.
What do you think? Can you think of more ways how to incentivize face-to-face hangouts on social media?
Creative contributions

Social media platforms should collaborate with brands to organize physical meetup locations

Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi Jun 16, 2022
I love the idea and think it is highly feasible. I have an idea on how to further incentivize this and it is as follows:
Brands should collaborate with social media platforms to establish "social zones" across cities. Basically, these are places you can visit to meet up with other people who use a particular social media app in your area. They can be gardens, mini-parks, or halls. These places should be devoid of gadgets and should only have games that encourage interaction.
Also, while you can visit the zones on any day and at any time, the platforms should also have certain "Connect" hours. For example, every Tuesday evening by 5 pm. Combine this with your streak idea and they just might succeed in getting people to physically interact more with others.
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Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković2 years ago
I think my older creative contribution could be one of the ways of solving this.
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jnikola2 years ago
Miloš Stanković Very cool, I'll leave some comments there.
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