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Fixed cameras at popular photo opportunities

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Spook Louw
Spook Louw Jul 28, 2021
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This idea has been mentioned during a conversation on this idea, but has not really been explained in full.

Essentially, the final product would be similar to a photo booth, but instead of being contained in a booth, cameras and printers would be installed at strategically chosen locations. These cameras would be set up in the most beautiful spots, perfect for photos. Users would then be able to pay to have the camera take a photo of them.

The idea is simple enough and once all the hardware has been installed the operation would basically run itself apart from sporadic maintenance, but there are still a few things to consider.

  • The cameras would need to be sturdy and protected from weather, vandals and thieves.
  • While the option of having a polaroid printed on the spot would be a nice touch, it might require more hardware and someone would need to refill it regularly. Another option might be to keep the photos digital, allowing users to send the photos to their phones or emails after paying.
  • To mechanise the process and make it easier for users to get the best photos, the camera would have to be able to adjust for the quality of light automatically, this isn't a huge problem as most digital cameras have very advanced features to do this, but it might be a problem if taking analogue photographs and printing them out.

If done well, this idea could be turned into a global brand. Tourists would know to look for these cameras at tourist attractions around the world and locals would also make use of them for capturing memories of them with their friends/loved ones.

As @Darko suggested in the conversation leading up to this idea, the cameras could be anchored to a block of concrete and protected by bulletproof glass for their protection, meaning the harware would only have to be cleaned and serviced from time to time, but other than that, it should be able to earn without having to hire any staff. So once the initial capital has been made back, there would be very little expenses for the owner and operators of these cameras.
Creative contributions

They should be as invisible as possible

jnikola Jul 29, 2021
The idea is great! Not all tourists have professional-grade cameras or phones with great cameras. This would allow everyone to enjoy the greatest quality of photos in the greatest places.

But, since the cameras need to be on every perfect photography spot, I would make sure they blend with the environment. If the camera is on rocky terrain, I would make Ito look like a rock. If it's in front of the pyramid in Egipt, I would make it look like a palm tree, camel, or sand dune. The thing is, I would not like these cameras to obstruct the beautiful terrain, since many of the spots are in national parks. I would definitely build it sturdy and "life-proof", but hire a team of designers and locals to help me find a nice, blendable design.
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Instructions for the tourists

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Jul 29, 2021
Great idea, @Spook. These cameras can come with instructions for the tourists regarding where they should stand and what actions they can perform for the best shots. The spot can have markings on the ground for the person or a group of people to stand for the picture. The spot can maybe have a button that can be pressed to get a picture taken at the right moment.

The cameras will need to be auto-height and -zoom adjustable to accommodate a single person as well as a group.

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Spook Louw
Spook Louw3 years ago
I agree, there should be a designated spot to stand which would allow for the best photos. Alternatively, there should be a display for customers to see themselves and pose and position themselves as they please.

I also agree with remote activating the camera and allowing for zoom adjustments but I will cover that in a separate contribution.
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Connecting it to an app

Spook Louw
Spook Louw Jul 29, 2021
The entire process could be controlled via a free app.

QR codes could be printed near the camera, allowing users to download the app quickly. From the app, users can control the camera, adjust the lighting and zoom, pay for the pictures and have the pictures saved directly to their phones.

Darko's idea could even be incorporated to turn the app into a photo-sharing social platform. People could essentially collect photos of them visiting various of the photo opp spots around the world. This means apart from simply getting pictures at beautiful locations with sentimental value, the cameras would become a challenge, with people visiting as many different ones as they can.

Connecting the cameras to an app would automate the process even more, while also giving users more control over the photos. Filters, frames, captions and any other edits could be added via the app.
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