Facebook PixelHow can we use Gene Editing to protect or cure us from viral infections?
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How can we use Gene Editing to protect or cure us from viral infections?

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Manel Lladó Santaeularia
Manel Lladó Santaeularia Dec 06, 2020

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Creative contributions

Using Recombinase to achieve targeted HIV excision

Antonio Carusillo
Antonio Carusillo Dec 27, 2020

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Manel Lladó Santaeularia
Manel Lladó Santaeularia2 months ago
Hi Antonio! Great contribution! I find recombinases to be a very interesting and often forgotten tool, although as you mentioned, design is not easy and a lot of protein evolution efforts may be needed to target them to a particular sequence. I was wondering wether it could be possible to exploit Cas9 RNA-based specificity and design flexibility together with the specific recombination ability of recombinases. And this is indeed possible, and was actually done all the way back in 2016 , although with low efficiency. However, it was reported last year that RNA-Guided Recombinase-Cas9 fusion proteins can target genomic DNA achieving both deletions and integrations. This was achieved by targeting the recombinase-Cas9 to two target sites with PAM-distal orientations (meaning the first PAM is in the 5' strand and the second one in the 3') and having the two hyperactive recombinase domains be in the middle so they can recognize each other and excise the DNA fragment between the two targeted sites. [1]

Although this kind of strategy is still in relatively early development, I'm sure if they achieve high efficiencies we will definitely see them being applied to viral infections.

1. Standage-Beier K, Brookhouser N, Balachandran P, Zhang Q, Brafman DA, Wang X. RNA-Guided Recombinase-Cas9 Fusion Targets Genomic DNA Deletion and Integration. CRISPR J. 2019 Aug;2(4):209-222. doi: 10.1089/crispr.2019.0013. PMID: 31436506; PMCID: PMC6707420.


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