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The Brainstorming platform

The Brainstorming platform

By Darko Savic on Jul 22, 2020

What it is

Public brainstorming platform where people share and upgrade each other’s ideas. Designed to harness humanity’s collective intelligence and unleash it at specific problems.

It's built on three premises:

  1. Intellectual synergy; Good ideas can be made brilliant through collaboration.
  2. Intellectual diversity; Different minds look at problems from different perspectives. What may be obvious to one person, can spark a revelation in another brain that is wired just a little differently. With this, we are hoping for unexpected heroes to surface.
  3. Intellectual flexibility; Passion drives progress even where knowledge has yet to catch up. As the model example, look at Elon Musk changing lanes from self-taught computer programmer to successful rocket engineer.

So the platform brings together the right people; matches them by passion and/or expertise, helps them bridge the different paradigms, and keeps the destructive human behaviors at bay (trolling, bullying, nonsense). The focus is on having the thought process move from mini-breakthrough to breakthrough. This should result in productive collaboration between people who tolerate each other’s shortcomings and build upon each other’s ideas.

Why we do it

To advance the frontiers of science and make our technologies catch up with our ambitions.

Shareable ideas

Not all ideas are shareable at the time of conception (trade secrets). However, if you sit on a good idea for long enough, someone else will beat you to it.

Shareable ideas are those that:

  • Are too complex for an individual to execute
  • Are for the common good, regardless of who executes them
  • The ideator has no time/resources/plans to develop but would like to see someone else do it
  • The ideator seeks collaborators to execute with

How you can help

The project idea is not this website/system. Rather the finished "product" will be a lively place where people selflessly share and help each other with ideas. At this early stage that is yet to come.

Communities thrive when there is sufficient activity to make participation interesting (in this case productive too). Since this platform is a new tool, people are yet to discover and find it useful. Its strength will be in the ability to draw insight from diverse perspectives. This means that the main component - a lively community is still missing. We are working on this hard. Will you please help?

  1. Come up with a brainstorming worthy topic within your field of passion. Write up a good session. What are you aiming to achieve? How can people help? What do they need to know before they can contribute in a meaningful way?
  2. Bring people. Whose feedback/insight would be valuable in your brainstorming session? Can you figure out a (non-spammy) way of getting them to participate?
  3. Participate in other people's sessions, but please do it only where you can bring valuable insight.
  4. Share your ideas which might be of value to someone.
  5. Provide feedback to help us improve.

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