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Outdoor cooking show where random passersby prepare something they like

Image credit: Rob Greenfield

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Oct 27, 2021
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A cooking show that isn't about cooking. The pretense is that a random passerby is asked to cook something in an outdoor makeshift kitchen. While the food is being prepared the audience gets an insight into the guest's personal life and what makes them amazing. The episode airs only if the guest turns out to be a likable person.
  • Demonstrate that cool people are everywhere around us and how easy it is to find them.
  • If a movie is a simulation of living a different life, this show is a simulation of making a new friend.
  • Learn from the host how to quickly get to know people.
  • A cooking show that is interesting on several levels.
How it works
3 aspects make the show interesting:
  1. Environment; An outdoor makeshift kitchen is put together for each episode. The location is always different and pleasant. It is frequent enough to easily find a guest, but not too frequent for people to interrupt the show.
  2. Guest; Unless the guest turns out to be an amazingly interesting and likable person the episode doesn't air. The hosts' job is to find the amazingness in each guest. The guests are random people that happen to pass by the makeshift cooking area. They are invited to be the star of the episode. The host is skilled at getting them to open up and talk about their dreams and desires.
  3. Food; The food can be anything the guest likes to eat and knows how to prepare. Anything from simple mac and cheese with a personal touch to secret family recepies that have been passed down the generations.
While looking for the next guest, the host (speed-dates) talks to passersby and looks for people that are charismatic, kind, funny or otherwise show some likable traits. When they pass the host's filters they are invited to cook something for the episode.
The guest decides what they want to cook and makes a grocery shopping list. While someone goes to the store to get everything, the host and guest have a chat. When the groceries arrive, they start cooking.
Towards the end of the episode the host asks the guest something along the lines of "What is the biggest problem you are trying to solve these days?". Based on answer and how cool the person was, this could be an opportunity to create the sequel with the same guest. This time s/he would be surprised with help. The eposode would revolve around solving that problem.
Creative contributions

Food cooked by passers-by is then given for free to passers-by

Povilas S
Povilas S Nov 08, 2021
It would be cool if the food that was cooked by a volunteering passer-by (or a few of them) would then be offered for free to other passers-by until someone from the crowd would agree to cook again and the process would continue. It would also make an interesting show to watch, such circumstances would definitely encourage conversations between strangers stopping to see what's going on.
While people stand at the "bar", eat the free food, and chat someone from the cooking team or the staff responsible for the show would ask if anyone is willing to cook the next meal. People having enough free time and some cooking skills as well as wish to do it would sooner or later come forward. There would also be a big banner hanging, saying "come cook with us". In case the cooked food is over and no one was willing to cook, the initial staff of the show would cook until they find the next volunteers.
To have enough food to feed those who cooked and say at least 10 passers-by or more you'd have to make big pots of it, so perhaps the best would be to gather a team of at least a few volunteers that would collaboratively work together. Because the workforce of passers-by would feed other passers-by the show organizers would only have to provide products for cooking, water, and some energy to heat the stove. The volunteers would need to cook from products that are provided. It would be best if all the products were vegan so that the food would be cruelty-free.
Such a show could be a part of some global/local initiative addressing a social problem, like "food not bombs" or similar.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
The food-tasting passersby could be asked to rate the food. I'm not sure what to do with the rating yet:)
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Povilas S
Povilas S3 years ago
Darko Savic The rating would perhaps be disadvantageous, it would add a layer of judging to otherwise charitable initiative. If the food was good, the people would naturally express the appreciation in words, if it wasn't very good they would keep silent or/and leave the dishes half-full, etc. That would be the feedback:)
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