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Personalized live masterclasses platform

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Spook Louw
Spook Louw Sep 01, 2021
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In this day and age, we're able to find instructions on how to do almost anything by simply searching the internet. Still, we're often left clueless and forced to spend money on having "professionals" do relatively simple tasks for us.

I feel like I am usually able to do any task if I am shown how to do it properly at least once. Step by step instructions and videos work, but seeing another person do it and being able to ask questions is the most effective.

My idea is to create a website where we can "buy knowledge" of how to do certain things. It would therefore be a mix between a freelancing site and a short learning program.
Instead of hiring a freelancer to do the job for you though, or enrolling in a course that covers way more than the specific thing you need to know, you would simply post the task or skill you need information on. Instructors could then apply for the "position" and you can choose one based on their rates, experience and reviews.

These sessions would handle niche problems like fixing leaks, performing a trick, following a difficult recipe, installing a certain program, playing a specific song, mixing paint to get a specific colour or even getting past a difficult level on a game. Essentially, the instructors would be professionals who already know all the tips and tricks in their area of expertise, just explaining to you how to do something.

These masterclasses would be done over video calls or perhaps even in person. The best instructors will quickly rise above the rest by ratings.

This idea is inspired by/incorporates a number of ideas on Brainstorming as well as some that are already operational and available:
Sites like:
  • Upwork, Freelancer and People Per Hour that act as platforms for people to find freelancers.
Youtube videos like:
  • How to change your acoustic guitar strings

Ideas like:
  • How can my knowledge/skills be put to good use in fields that don't need me?
  • A platform where freelancers create speeches on demand
  • A Youtube channel featuring pristine father-daughter talks
  • A platform where crowdfunded bounties are paid to people who translate scientific papers for general public
And courses like:
  • Skillshare and Masterclass

The structure of the site would resemble something like Upwork, but instead of hiring someone to do a task for you, you would "buy" a Masterclass from them where they would explain how it is done.

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