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Using Spotify statistics to connect artists to members of their fanbase

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Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice Apr 08, 2022
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Every December Spotify sends you a list of your most listened to artists, what if artists got a list of their top listeners too. Then if they so pleased they could contact them and make the listener's entire year.
  • This is good for the artist as they get to 'touch grass' and know what type of people listen to them, and inspire them to make more music, especially upcoming artists who struggle to fill concert halls.
  • For sad and depressed music fans, the acknowledgment of their existence by someone they feel understands them could be a great boost to morale.
  • Fans of the same music generally know each other, It could be a way of interacting with niche groups in your fanbase that get drowned out by the larger groups.
  • Creates a greater sense of connection and community between the artists and their fans
How it works
If you make it to the top 100 of an artist's listeners, Spotify could ask if you want to submit a contact address. These are then provided to the artists. Whatever they choose to do with them is completely up to them. The general idea is that the ones that want to interact with their fans will do it.
Thought process
The song Stan by Eminem is a story about a fan who desperately wanted contact with the one person he felt understood him. Lack of that contact made him lose interest in his own life and ended up losing it. I think that same desire for contact also explains the Astroworld concert last year where 10 people died. Allowing people to get that contact in the safety of their own homes seems like an ideal situation.
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Private parties for top 100 listeners

jnikola May 02, 2022
In addition to your idea, I would recommend private parties for top 100 listeners and their favorite artists.
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