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What are ways to unwind after brainstorming?

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Nivari Van der Voorde
Nivari Van der Voorde Nov 26, 2020
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After a day of work on exciting projects yet activities that require a lot of mental attention, I notice that I find it difficult to switch my brain ‘off’ and relax. The other day I organized a (real life) brainstorm session that gave me a lot of energy, but after that I was not able to sleep for hours. This especially worries me as too much being switched ‘on’, might lead to a burnout. A glass of wine helps to unwind, but is not a very sustainable way of dealing with this of course. What are healthy ways to enjoy ‘thinking activities’ but also being able to switch this off again? How do you unwind after a day of work?
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Try to stop thinking long before bedtime

Jamila Nov 27, 2020
It can be tough to fall asleep when your brain has been so active, and you have so many thoughts in your head. Having a cut-off time can help immensely with shutting your thoughts off. So for this, you can try to stop doing work/thinking about work a few hours before bed and replace this with relaxing things instead.

Different ways to start relaxing before bed:
  • listen to music
  • watch something, a movie or series
  • having a bath
  • reading
Everyone will have a different way of relaxing, but basically, anything which isn't work-related or 'what do I need to do tomorrow' should be good.
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Don't let brainstorming be the last big thing you do before bed

jnikola Nov 27, 2020
For years, I was living really dynamic life and went to sleep really late and it all worked fine.
My routine was: breakfast, faculty, job, second job, TV, sleep.

In that mesh of different activities, I never felt the burden of the brainwork. After faculty obligations and the first job (sales representative), I was mentally fit and could work for hours. (Luckily), my second job was as a karate trainer (kids and adults). I needed to plan the training and deal with preschool kids, as well as adults. That required a lot of physical activity and creativeness which engaged my mind on a different level. Nowadays, when most of my days are just mind work, I started to have problems with sleeping. My brain is working for hours after laying in bed and I just can't stop thinking.

After countless nights of insomnia, I tried to do training, reading, writing, playing guitar between the mind work and sleep, and it worked every time! I guess that can be a good way to turn the brainstorming mode off - just physically do something else, totally unrelated to work.
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