Facebook PixelWhen in need, a N95/FFP2 mask can serve as a drinking cup or soup bowl
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When in need, a N95/FFP2 mask can serve as a drinking cup or soup bowl

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jan 13, 2022
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A N95/FFP2 mask can be used to drink from or serve as a soup bowl if there is nothing more suitable around.
Useful in situations when you don't have anything to drink/eat from. Covid masks are mandatory, so chances are you have one on you.
How it works
You would think a mask can't hold water... you would be wrong.
A N95/FFP2 (covid type) mask is suitably shaped and holds plenty of water to quench your thirst. It holds water without leaking for at least 30 minutes. Based on my test, it leaks only a few drops per hour. A spoon worth in 6 hours.
I haven't tested the surgical mask yet but I'm guessing it should work just as well. That one is not shaped like a cup but if held with 2 hands it should be useful to drink from.
Useful as a soup bowl
Supported by something that holds it's shape when laid on a table (rolled up scarf, paper, whatever), you should be able to use a facial mask as a soup bowl as well.
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Emergency use only!

Danny Weir
Danny Weir Jan 20, 2022
I can't think of many situations where this would be used, but certainly in emergency situations it could be useful! As J.Nikola mentioned, this technique only really allows for the mask to be used as a mask or a bowl, not both. I have also tested several kinds of masks during a science experiment with some of my students and I can confirm that they are almost all very good at holding water/ another liquid.
The mask would of course have to be a fresh one in order to ensure that you are kept free from germs as much as possible when using as a bowl/cup and you would really have to have no other choice but to use the mask. If you are using soup, you'd be much better off keeping it in the original container that it came in, especially if you have heated it up in that way.
For water, I think i'd probably prefer to use my hands personally. Out in the wild though, if you had water purification tablets but no vessel to keep the water in then a mask could absolutely work wonders.
N95 masks are not cheap. If I happened to have an N95 mask and absolutely no other method of drinking water, I'd probably stand there for a while and ask myself how I got into that predicament haha!
This has definitely sparked my curiosity as to other uses of masks though! Thanks Darko!
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General comments

jnikola2 years ago
The only thing I am concerned about is the not-actually-dual purpose of the mask in that case. You can either use it as a mask or as a cup. Using it for both would either make it dangerous since you would potentially be drinking the slime and microbes or inefficient in stopping the microbes since the water was applied on the mask. But a cool idea if you don't have a cup, but you have a spare mask and you want to drink.
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