Facebook PixelA platform where people give stuff away and book a handover time/place without contacting each other unnecessarily
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A platform where people give stuff away and book a handover time/place without contacting each other unnecessarily

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Dec 06, 2021
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A platform that makes donating items/services as convenient as possible. A hybrid between classifieds and an Uber-like platform where people book a pick up time/place via an app.
Giving stuff away should be as easy as possible. For situations when you have things to give away but can't be bothered by calls for time/place arrangements.
How it works
For each item:
What you are giving away: take a photo (or a few) and describe the item/service.
Location and time: specify where/when the item is available for pick up or delivery. For example, you can offer to drop it off anywhere alongside your usual route to work. You might not want strangers coming to your home. You could mark an area on the map where you are willing to drop it off.
Who gets it: People can book each item on a first come first serve basis. At which point the item is no longer available (unless the reservation is cancelled).
It might be a good idea to let people see who booked the item. They can try to convince each other to cancel the reservation so someone in greater need can get it.
Funding of the platform
  • People that get free stuff could donate a bucks to the platform when they are happy
  • The usual ads
Creative contributions

Making it as easy as ordering a food delivery

Povilas S
Povilas S Dec 08, 2021
I think the system could be simplified even more user-wise. But it would take an additional workforce provided by a third party, therefore a working business model to maintain the process should be figured out.
The people who are willing to give stuff away usually don't want to bother about photographing their give-away items, uploading pictures and even sorting the items properly, it would be best for them if they could just pack all the stuff which they don't want to throw to the rubbish but don't want to keep as well and call someone to pick it up. I think those who have a lot of such items and want to get rid of them would even pay a few euros/dollars for someone to do it.
There could be a dedicated service for this. All the things collected from people like that would be brought to a warehouse where they would be properly sorted, evaluated and then some of them could be either sold for a low price, given to second-hand shops or for free to people, etc.
I initially thought of a website where the items sorted and photographed in the warehouse would be uploaded and people willing to get second-hand items for free or a low price could search what they need and order a delivery to their home, but I'm not sure if and how this would cover the efforts of the third party, the items should either cost some money or/and the platform should have a subscription fee, etc. The delivery could have a separate fee, it would be like second-hand shopping online, some items could be free, some not.
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Educational disassembly of old electronics

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Dec 27, 2021
From my experience, young boys like to disassemble stuff to see what it's made of. This platform could be a good source of interesting old technology that kids would love to get their hands on.
Instead of buying plastic toys that end in a landfill, bring home a new device every day and let your child go wild with a screwdriver. Soon enough, they will progress to more advanced tools.
Teach them how to reuse electric motors, switches, diodes, etc. More details here.
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