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A way to make the best of your free time and figure out who to spend it with

Image credit: One friend, Dan Seals

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Nov 22, 2021
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Make a list of important people in your life by asking yourself a simple question for each: "Would you give this person a day's worth of your salary if they asked nicely?"
Then create ways of spending more quality time with people where the answer is "yes".
How it works
Step 1: Figure out what to do in your free time
Start a new notepad and title it "My bucket list of things to do with friends"
Start filling it with things you like to do. Whenever you come up with a fun idea you could do with a friend, write it down.
Step 2: Figure out who to spend more time with
Imagine this scenario:
You get a text message saying: "If each of my friends gave me a day's worth of their salary, I would have enough money to start a business that I think would be successful. Will you please contribute? Here is my account. Thank you!"
Now go through your phonebook and social media friends one by one. Make a list of all the people to whom you would give one day of your life.
These are the people you should spend more time with.
Pair both lists
Whenver you are in the mood to hang out, go through both lists and match suitable ideas with suitable friends. Call them, check when both of you have time and make it happen.
A combined solution to both of these quotes:

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Michaela D
Michaela D2 years ago
It reminds me of this quote, too:

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